LHS Rotary Cheese Grater Stainless Steel Chocolate Butter Shredder Grinder Interchangeable Sharp Drum Blade Gadgets for Men

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Brand Name: LHS

Model Number: 9463

Material: Stainless Steel


How to Use?

1.Turn down the knob, fixed on the tabletop.

2.Insert the stainless steel drum slicer.

3.Install the hand crank.

4.Put in the walnuts.

5.Press with the lids.

6.Turn the handle clockwise.

Fantastic Cheese Grater

    No need to worry about cutting your fingers anymore! Manual Rotary shredder Makes Cutting Chocolate&Cheese efficiently and safe with minimal effort.Ideal item for cutting soft or hard cheese, chocolate, nuts, parmesan, pistachio, almonds, pecans and more! It can also be used as a zester and shredder.

Premium Quality

     Made of food grade stainless steel.3 interchangeable rotary stainless steel drum blades.The Cheese grater body and the 3 sharp drum blades are made from rust resistant and durable stainless steel, not like the cheap plastic one from other brands. Our LHS brand is dedicated to making you enjoy a high quality kitchen life.

Small but Sturdy

Material : Stainless Steel and ABS

Weight: 538.9g

Dimension: 3.3 x3.3 x7.5 inches

Please refer to the size in the picture, it was small but sturdy. This is very important for all customers. It can only be used for small foods such as cheese, chocolate and walnuts, cannot be used to grate vegetables!

Powerful Suction Base

    There is a strong suction base at the bottom of the cheese shredder slicer. It can lock with no pressure on any flat kitchen surface(wet it with a little water or olive oil can get a better seal).Please press down the knob before use.


1.Please grate the cheese in clockwise direction.

2.Please press it to expel the air from the suction cup, then turn down the knob to make the suction base suck on the tabletop.The suction works well in this way.

3.Please be sure to wash it in hot water after rotating the cheese,while cheese will melt in hot water and not stay on the rotator,then wash it with a sponge.


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